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     Hi everyone! I'm Kavita and this is where I share my love for cooking!

     I come from a long generation of foodies, who love to discover new recipes and healthy foods. Through the influence of my mom, I've nurtured a love for experimenting with all kinds of food. 

     While I love to create new recipes, I believe the best part of cooking is being able to stray from the recipe and do whatever you want with your food. 

     Cooking at home is all about improvising recipes and creating new dishes. Whether it's changing the flavor profile or ingredients of a recipe, every change makes a difference. Along with taste, changing recipes can lead to healthier dishes. Even the smallest changes, like substituting honey for sugar in a recipe, can lead to greater food discoveries and achievements. 

      My favorite part of cooking is being able to tailor a recipe to my own preferences and tastes, and my goal is to create simple and tasty recipes that can appeal to anyone. I encourage everyone to change up recipes and improvise a little, and I hope that my recipes will help you do that!

      Any dish can be made tastier, healthier, and simpler, and that is the thinking behind all of my recipes. 


     Apart from cooking, music has been another passion of mine. While this site is devoted to cooking, be sure to check out my music channel linked below!


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